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BMA Connectors Discover our rugged workhorse of a BMA connector. EZ Form’s BMAs combine the ease of a blind mate with the 18 GHz expanded range your cutting-edge products demand.
Capabilities Brochure Start here with our Capability Brochure. Discover what our 40,000 square foot manufacturing has to offer you.
Non Magnetic Connectors Our remarkable virtually non-magnetic connectors, cable, and custom assemblies have generated tremendous excitement with scientists and researchers at world-renowned academic & medical labs and institutions
Low Attenuation Cables EZ Form copper jacketed semi-rigid LA (Low Attenuation) cables feature a microporous dielectric, that facilitates lower attenuation, higher operating temperatures and greater phase stability vs. temperature when compared to solid PTFE semi-rigid cables.
Phase Stable Cable Handout  EZ Form Cable has developed the next advancement in semi-rigid cable technology with the introduction of our EZ-PT86 Phase Stable semi-rigid cable. This high performance cable was developed for applications where minimal phase change over temperature is required and critical to the overall performance of RF systems. EZ Form Cable can now offer this cable with both build-to-print cable assembles as well as bulk cable shipments.